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Tai Poutini Professional Services is well-versed in the rural sector and understands the challenges that farmers and landowners face. Strong established relationships with the regional and local councils, government and other stakeholders, and our in-depth knowledge of the constantly changing legislative environment enables us to provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring they are well prepared for the future.


We can provide resource management support and advice on a range of agricultural matters including:

  • Farm scale assessment against regional and national rules and policies

  • Resource consents under the freshwater regulations.

    • Intensive Winter Grazing

    • Stockholding area

    • Nitrogen use

    • Intensification (i.e., increasing irrigation, area of dairy or dairy support)

  • Sector support – understanding policy, submissions, project facilitation, training

  • Resource consenting and advice relating to:

    • Water permits

    • Farm dairy effluent

    • River protection works

    • River diversions

    • Gravel takes

    • Stand-off pads

    • Wetlands

    • Any other consents required for farm related activities.

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